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Construction Services Center (CSC) has created a series of seminars specifically interrelated  with the building and construction industry.  The CSC seminars  disseminate contemporary knowledge and information vital for the management and progress of any construction project.  Whether a company looking  for  efficient  business  and construction  operations  or  an individual  who  wants to improve his construction management skills - CSC has the expertise for guiding you and/or your business into a level of professionalism commensurate  with international building practices


CSC seminars are essential for:

■  Reducing business risks             ■  Reducing business costs

■  Employee training                        ■  Improving management skills

■  Increasing productivity                 ■  Qualify  for client requirements

■  Reducing project costs                ■  Advantageous competitiveness



The CSC seminars were designed with the following requirements:


International Standards

The seminars incorporate international standards and are an excellent means for understanding the modern methods utilized by the large international developers and builders.


For beginners to professionals

The seminars are designed to educate the participant regardless of the level of understanding he might have on the subject. Many seminar topics are offered in both a basic level format to easily familiarize the participant into the subject; and an advanced level for expanding ones  professionalism status.


Minimum disruption to your business

The seminars do not waste any time. Most of the CSC seminars are intense one day seminars focusing on the real issues of the subject.




The CSC seminars cater to the needs of:


Architects/Engineers                              Construction managers

Real Estate Developers                         Subcontractors

Governmental Departments                   Building suppliers















CSC services cater to the needs of:

■ Architects/Engineers ■ Construction managers

■ Real Estate Developers ■ Subcontractors

■ Governmental Departments ■ Building suppliers




Please journey through the links on this web page to learn more about the services that CSC can provide for your company.




Construction Services Center

Construction Services Center

Bringing professionalism to the construction industry


Construction Services Center

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