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CSC Facility—Coming Soon


CSC is currently in the process of opening a new office that will gather together all those involved in the building industry into one centralized location. Our new facility will include conference/meeting rooms and an extensive construction library unfounded in Jordan.


The CSC facility will integrate the exchange of valuable building information via the internet.


Please check with us periodically as to when CSC will open its new facility since, with the anticipation of being highly in demand, CSC might be forced to limit membership numbers.



 CSC Construction Management:


CSC provides construction management services— Acting as a consultant or adviser for the project owner, CSC can:


  Evaluate designs beginning with conceptual designs to the completed designs.


■  Prepare bid (tender) packages and evaluate the project bids.


  Evaluate building schedules and track the progress of the schedule.


  Evaluate change orders


  Evaluate the actual construction quality


  Evaluate the schedule of values and progress payments


  Close-out the projects





Partnering Program


CSC has a program where it brings all of the team players involved in a large project and teaches them to work collectively as a team. This CSC program is popular in the United States and Europe where its benefits have shown:


■  Reduced building/ project costs

■  Accurate project schedule projections

■  Reduced disputes and litigation

■  Improved trust among project participants




Please journey through the links on this web page to learn more about the services that CSC can provide for your company.





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Construction Services Center

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